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Understanding Ethernet Virtual Circuits (EVC)

by / Tuesday, 15 September 2015 / Published in NEWS

Understanding Ethernet Virtual Circuits (EVC)

On traditional switches whenever we have a trunk interface we use the VLAN tag to demultiplex the VLANs. The switch needs to determine which MAC Address table to look in for a forwarding decision. To do this we require the switch to do two things:

1.) Have the VLAN configured globally

2.) Perform MAC learning in this VLAN

The challenge with this is that it requires us to use finite resources, perhaps without reason. Since the 802.1q VLAN tag is only 12-bits wide we can only configure a maximum of 4096 VLANs. Furthermore switches have a finite amount of CAM space for MAC Learning limiting the number of hosts we can support. 

In modern provider, computer on line, cloud environments there is a need to scale beyond these limitations.

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